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Emergency Tree Removal

Emergency Tree Removal

It is a fact, hazard weather conditions can cause trees to fall and create extremely dangerous situations. For this reason, dying trees that cannot be saved or dead trees in close proximity to residential properties should be removed before a windy storm can potentially knock them down. Every year, a significant number of trees fall on houses, automobiles, buildings, structures, power lines, etc. County Tree Service Inc. of Chicago is highly specialized for this very type of tree removal service. It is one of the largest private tree services in Chicago. County Tree Service Inc. performs hundreds of tree removals that fall during these dangerous conditions each year. Many homeowners who face the unfortunate occurrence of a tree that has fallen and damaged their property are frantic and unaware of what to do. They think, hmm;

    1. Should I call my insurance company? Is this covered by my insurance company?
    2. Is this my neighbor’s tree or my own?
    3. If my tree falls into my neighbor’s yard, am I responsible and liable for the damage?
    4. What about damage to my own property – am I covered?
    5. Is a local tree service available immediately to remove the large Oak tree that fell on my house?
    6. How long will it take to fix the whole in my roof?
    7. Who is responsible for fixing the whole in my roof, and at whose expense?

These are all very good and common questions that arise during an emergency tree removal situation. In most cases it is the insurance company that will be responsible for footing the bill for these expenses. Some local reputable tree companies are on the insurance companies list for handling emergency tree removal .  In many situations, a homeowner will call their insurance company and the insurance company will provide the name of a local tree service to handle the emergency tree removal. If a tree falls through a house, the job is usually performed within hours of the occurrence, unless it is pouring down rain at 3am when it is dark outside. In that case, a tarp is usually put on the home, an estimate will be completed during this time, and the emergency tree job will be completed when the sun rises that morning. There are many emergency tree removal scenarios, and local tree removal companies are immediately available for the customer.

To perform an operation as large and complicated as emergency tree work, the appropriate machinery is critical. County Tree Service Inc. has the full manpower and necessary equipment to handle any and every job. Their 21 and 35 ton heavy industrial cranes give them the ability to work around very confined and difficult spaces such as a house. The crane service and 5 expert crews enable any job to be completed in a timely and efficient manner. There has been many times when large storms sweep through Chicago and cause major tree damage. During these times, it is often that local tree companies refer homeowners to County Tree Service Inc. to handle the large scale emergency jobs. County Tree Service Inc has specialized in emergency tree service tree service for over 20 years; therefore the company is a local industry leader.  It is a fact that tree care is the 5th most dangerous industry in the world. Hiring a licensed bonded, and insured professional service tree service is an absolute necessity. Lives are lost, and major injuries occur every day in the tree service business.

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