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Free Estimates

Tree Estimates, Evaluations, and Inventories

Tree Estimates

An Estimate is free and results in a written estimate providing some sort of tree related paid service. The service will include a tree crew coming out to a customers property with equipment. For example, tree removals, tree pruning, stump grinding, or any other tree services.

Tree Evaluations

An Evaluation is not free, is less common, and generally includes a certified arborist coming out to a property with many trees to perform a formal write up. The write up will include all trees on the property, identification of species, condition of each tree, and recommendation. The arborist will do a full assessment of all the trees, locations, conditions, recommendations, and formal write up. This is completed by a certified arborist, and charges are by the hour. An evaluation will not result in a tree crew with heavy duty equipment to come out to provide service. The end product of a tree evaluation is a formal write up of each tree on a customers property. Formal Evaluations are mostly done for commercial customers, such as HOA’s, property management companies, etc. Sometimes customers request estimates on evaluations for items on the evaluation where services were recommended.

Tree Inventories

Tree inventories are very similar to a tree evaluation with a formal write up, except a tree inventory is a bit more structured. Some use GPS and systems to identify locations of all trees on a large parcel. Our approach is to use a tree numbering system, where our certified arborist will number each tree, tag it, and provide all other relevant information related to each tree.

Most of the time, tree inventories have specifications. A customer for instance might want the trees inventories a certain way based on a specification, usually for developement or construction. Tree inventories cost money like evaluations, and do not require a tree crew with heavy equipment to come out to provide service. The end product of a tree inventory is a formal write up, with physical tags place on each tree for identification purposes. Tree inventories are mostly completed for commercial & governmental customers.

Tree Appraisals

There is an Industry gathered formula for tree appraisals. Just like an appraisal on your house or property, a tree can also be appraised for its value. Trees do increase the value of our property, so be careful when you handle your trees. Our arborists can provide a true tree appraisal to inform you just how much your valuable trees are worth to you.

Free Estimates

County Tree Service Inc. offers Free Tree Service Estimates. Our Arborists will evaluate the condition of your trees to make recommendations, and provide you with a written estimate for the work. Our certified arborist and estimators are here to offer instruction on anything that is related to tree care, tree service, tree trimming, tree removal, tree stump removal, tree planting, tree fertilizing, tree root health, and all other services that County Tree Service Incorporated provides.

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